yyyy-mm  -- The full data files from the specified month
monthlys -- The latest full data files and monthly incremental changes

This is an thoroughly unofficial mirror of the FOTW data files, used to create the FOTW web sites. I try to keep it up to date, but there are no guarantees. If you wish to check on the current status, see https://flagspot.net/flags/ftp.html, which is somewhat more official. Also note that you can find recent weekly update files there; those are not archived here.

If you want to actually use the FOTW web site, see https://www.fotw.info.

The files here are useful if you want a local copy of the entire site, or desire to analyze the growth of the site.

This is obviously a very incomplete collection of the historical files. If you have an archive you wish to share with the world, please contact me at jon@radel.com. Thanks.

--Jon Radel